Today is 170531.  This to just let you know I’m still alive.  Haven’t done anything on this site. Have not written any code.  My wood shop and other summar projects call.

Today’s date is 170420.  On the 17th I managed to roll out my ssNotes on Google Play.  Today I update version 2.07 to 2.08 so as to add vertical scroll to Help.  (I had an opportunity to see my app on someone’s phone and saw that adMod hid the bottom few lines of Help.)  Turns out there already existed a SSNotes.  (I should have researched the name; but failed to do so.)  Initially I thought I would change the name; but no… I find there are many duplicate app names, so I’m just going to leave it be. (My icon is a scroll rolled top and bottom — eventually, I will have an image.)

And… we are now onto 170415 (as of 10 minutes ago).  I made good progress today, though I had to fight through some frustrations.  Google would not upload my signed APK telling me it was not signed.  I knew it WAS signed.  Well… there are two check boxes.  Default had only the full signed checked… why not go with default?  Not so.  One had to check BOTH checkbox’s.  Which I stumbled on through frustrations, “I’ll just check the both and try again!”  Anyway, now Googles “Why can’t I publish” link tells me I need to add a feature graphic.  More art!  I’m not a graphics artist.  But, as a one man company, I wear all the hats.  So “today” (much later today, after a nights sleep and all the morning stuff into early afternoon “today”), I’ll make a feature graphic.  Not that it will win any creativity awards; but it will satisfy the requirement, and hopefully it will look passable.

Now almost 170414 — today, the 13th, was a frustrating day.  Very little progress.  I studied how to do Android Studio “flavors” so as to have one code base with two results: free and paid.  To no avail.  Gave up (for the moment).  I’ll do it the hard way.  Two separate code bases; but once published, I WILL figure out how to use “flavors”.  But, the end result was that I did not get any software uploaded to Google today.  There is always tomorrow 🙂

Today’s date 170412 (well almost day 13), and my site has not changed one bit. BUT… I have been working on other related issues.   I had to get the name to work with WordPress such that one may now type rather than to land here. That works now. (Thanks to WP customer services help. My ignorance, for it was easy.) And I have made progress with Google. I am now a registered adMob user. Google did not make it easy on me. I had to jump through a lot of hoops. (One I got though, again thanks to WordPress customer service, that was not obvious like the domain name problem.) Then I worked out issues in my software, and got a personally certified release copy of my software ready for release. Tomorrow (that would be 5 minutes from now; but not till early afternoon) I’ll hopefully upload my software for acceptance by Google Games.  (Two copies:  free and paid versions.)  Then I’ll be able to get back to this site.

One blog post will have to be a discussion of the hoops necessary to get a game posted to Google Games.  (It was MUCH easier to post my first paid game to run on Amazon Kindle Fires.  Of course, if I had put an advertisement (like adMod) into it… maybe I would have had more problems with Amazon.)  This will be discussed in more detail as time.

Today’s date is 170409; the Genesis of this site.  I don’t expect that anyone will land here before it is more compete; but if you do… give it some time to fill out.  Through time, I plan on writing about my personal and published software and publish some code fragments.