WedgeSoft is my personal one man hobby company.  I am a retired aerospace system administrator and C programmer.  After I retired, I never stopped programming because it’s fun!  I now program (mostly) in Java for Android.  But have moved from C to C++ to C# and even wrote a signifcate program in C++/CLI.  I write little utilities for my own use, and Android games and utilities to sell.  I could write some small something for you for a very resonable price.

This site is very young, having been born, today 170409.  This note will be cleaned up in time.  But, till then, have patience as my site is filled out.

My first computer hint:  why the use of 170409 rather than 04/09/17 or April 9, 2017?  Because it sorts correctly!  If you name files, on your computer as:, then as similar files accumulated, Windows will automaticaly sort them for you by date.

By the by:  I use Windows.  I NOTHING of Apple products or ISO.